With a worldwide reputation for performance and client service, we manage assets for investors through an extensive range of mandates, products and services.

We offer a full range of active and quantitative investment solutions:
• Equities
• Fixed income
• Multi-asset
• Alternative strategies 
Our clients include some of the world’s largest pension funds, mutual funds, sovereign wealth funds and financial institutions.

Risk management
We have incorporated risk management and control into all our investment processes, making risk a pivotal part of our investment analysis, debate and decision-making.

Independent risk monitoring - Investment teams have instant and seamless access to complete risk analysis, as Lambert and Sons Incorporated’s Risk Control unit independently monitors the risk dimensions appropriate to each mandate or portfolio. Our investment managers and analysts work closely with well-resourced risk and operations teams, giving them a deeper and broader understanding of risk.
In addition, our internal Compliance unit provides a second level of control that checks mandate guidelines and portfolio restrictions.

Equities strategies
Whether in emerging markets or thematic investment, we are recognized as a pioneering manager, managing strategies in these areas through an extensive range of funds.

Developed markets - Our central philosophy is based on looking at how companies are valued compared to their intrinsic value. Drawing on a range of internal and external research, we offer actively managed Global, EAFE, European and Japanese equity strategies.

Emerging markets - Investing in emerging market equities, we manage a range of strategies, including both regional and country-specific. The investment team is active stock pickers with a fundamental-led investment process.

High dividend - For investors wishing to invest in equity markets and looking for a regular return, we offer high-dividend strategies, including a global developed high-dividend and an emerging-market high dividend.

Smaller companies - Smaller companies provide excellent under-researched investment opportunities, offering ample scope for adding value through experienced and informed research. We have built our skills in smaller-company investment and we offer European and International strategies.

Megatrends and theme-based investment - Megatrends are defined as representing long-term structural changes in demographic, social and economic factors. Examples include: globalization, network economy and sustainability. From these long-term trends we identify attractive investment themes, which appear at the intersections of several megatrends.

We offer nine thematic investment strategies, – Agriculture, Biotech, Clean Energy, Digital Communication, Generics, Premium Brands, Security, Timber and Water – while two multi-strategy funds give access to the entire range of themes (Global Megatrend Selection) or part of the thematic range (Environmental Megatrend Selection).

Socially responsible investments (SRI) - We favor companies that excel in three sustainability domains of environmental, social and governance (ESG), while aiming to deliver higher risk-adjusted returns. We define sustainability as corporate economic activity that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Thus our sustainable, or socially responsible investment (SRI), approach aims not only to meet our clients’ financial objectives but also to address their concerns regarding environmental, social and governance issues.
Environmental issues cover areas such as climate change, water scarcity, pollution, and biodiversity loss and peak oil.
Social challenges range from population growth, demography and unemployment to outsourcing and labor standards.
Governance issues relate to concepts such as checks and balances, agent-principal problems, stewardship codes and active ownership.

Indexation - Index funds, also known as passively managed or tracker funds, are designed to provide market returns by tracking a chosen index and replicating its performance as closely as possible. We have been managing a range of equity index portfolios since 1986, covering developed and emerging equity markets through a range of regional and single-country strategies.

Fixed income strategies
We manage a wide range of strategies such as global and regional bonds (including European and US), credit investment grade, high yield, emerging debt (including local and hard currency) and money market.

Global and regional bonds - For global and regional bonds we apply a consistent investment approach irrespective of sector or return objective. We invest with a long-term horizon, based on a valuation assessment that does not depend on any assumptions about likely economic developments. Our approach to risk is equally pragmatic.
For investors seeking an alternative to a traditional market-cap-weighted portfolio we also manage a fundamental-led strategy.
This approach weights the portfolio according to fundamental factors that reflect a borrower's creditworthiness or perceived ability and willingness to honor debt obligations. Such a portfolio is likely to be more diversified and provide a way to capitalize on the steady shift in global economic power towards emerging markets.

Emerging debt - We have extensive experience investing in local emerging bond markets. Our investment method combines a top-down view of the macroeconomic environment with a bottom-up analysis of country fundamentals. The top-down view determines the general outlook for emerging markets and gives us an understanding of how attractive conditions are for taking risk. The bottom-up process is the key driver of currency and interest rate positions in the countries identified. We manage USD and local currency strategies for global and regional portfolios, as well as an emerging markets currency strategy.
We launched an emerging corporate bond strategy to allow investors to take advantage of the growing number of issuers and sectors and expanding demand from local and foreign investors.

Money market - We offer three cash product families with different risk profiles adapted for the needs of different investors:
• Short-term money market
• Sovereign short-term money market
• Enhanced liquidity.

Multi-asset strategies
Lambert and Sons Incorporated offers a range of multi-asset investment portfolios, involving multiple strategies and asset classes.

Balanced - Our team manages mandates tailored to match clients' specific instructions and objectives. As clients have their own return expectations, risk tolerance and investment timeframe, we believe a personalized approach is the most efficient way to add value, through both tactical asset allocation and stock selection.

Absolute return - Absolute return strategies are designed to generate positive returns regardless of market behavior. Using both market returns (beta) and pure outperformance (alpha), combined with a wide diversification across asset classes and alpha strategies, we aim to deliver a return more stable and with lower volatility than the market.

Alternative investment strategies
As well as conventional equity and fixed income investments, Lambert and Sons Incorporated manages a range of hedge funds and commodity strategies.

Hedge funds - Over the past few years, more and more investors have been attracted to unconstrained investing to complement conventional benchmarked strategies. In the past decade, Lambert and Sons Incorporated has built up specialist teams and expanded its product offering to include a range of hedge funds.

Commodities - Our investment strategies also include commodities, offering clients the possibility to diversify their portfolios outside conventional asset classes – and to optimize the return and risk profiles of their portfolios.

Fund of funds - Hedge funds, private equity and real estate Lambert and Sons Incorporated elects third-party investment managers in order to construct alternative investment portfolios for investors.
Our solutions offer access to multi-strategy and single-strategy hedge fund portfolios, private real estate fund solutions, as well as primary and secondary private equity portfolios. All can be offered on a discretionary or advisory basis to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Strategic Advisory

Institutional investors face a variety of challenges when incorporating hedge funds into their portfolios
Lambert and Sons Incorporated offers value-added advice and guidance on the practical issues surrounding the implementation of institutional hedge fund programs:

• Relevant to initial hedge fund investments
• Relevant to more complex hedge fund program restructurings
• Lambert and Sons Incorporated’s Strategic Advisory initiative enables our institutional investors to leverage the global resources of our firm across three continents.

Complements both portfolio solutions and our more traditional client service by providing an integrated, holistic approach to investor solutions and services is a cornerstone of our institutional strategic partnerships.