Lambert and Sons Incorporated

Our aim is to help you pave the way to a secure financial future for you and your family.
YOU are the focus of our business: You, your life, your family, your future.
Our understanding of your current picture is the cornerstone to the formulation of a financial plan which will meet your future needs. Many people have goals and dreams, but a goal without a plan is just a wish… an achievable goal is a dream with a deadline.
So, it all starts with listening. We listen to your needs, your hopes, your dreams, and we formulate a plan, which enables us to offer you clear, no-jargon advice on the most appropriate financial structure to help you live your dream life.

Partnership and Empowerment
Taking control of your financial future doesn’t have to mean doing everything by yourself. At Lambert and Sons Incorporated, we work in partnership with you and your family to understand your aspirations for the future and create a personalized financial plan. You’ll benefit from our experience and expertise in specialized wealth creation strategies, including trusts, self-managed super, gearing and tax-effective investments. So you can take control of your financial future, while still making the most of life today.

What makes us different?
We believe three main factors differentiate us from our competitors.
Firstly, our service is clearly defined. You know what you will get, what it will cost and we deliver as promised.
Secondly, we have a dedicated team of support staff who’s strong team focus is to work together, to continually try to improve and set a standard in our industry that other’s cannot match.
Thirdly, our team has a robust process that ensures your investments are reviewed on a monthly basis and adjusted to be in line with our independent research – every month.

Our Philosophy
At Lambert and Sons Incorporated we believe every client is unique, so we support you with a unique financial plan, built around your personal aspirations, priorities and lifestyle. And we also believe it’s essential to actively manage your wealth, keeping pace with volatile markets and your own changing needs…more
With a worldwide reputation for performance and client service, we manage assets for investors through an extensive range of mandates, products and services…more

We offer a full range of active and quantitative investment solutions:
• Equities
• Fixed income
• Multi-asset
• Alternative strategies